Eco-Friendly Clean Recipes

Reusable bottles with the recipes for multi-purpose cleaning.




Our Mission

To promote clean watersheds and healthy living through the use of homemade solutions.

Our mission at U-Mix-It Safe Spray® is to encourage and equip people to rely on affordable, eco-friendly, homemade solutions for everyday home cleaning, gardening and veggie wash.

We believe we are continuously achieving our goal by producing durable, recyclable, American made spray bottles imprinted with money-saving, child-safe and earth-friendly recipes. Our commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet is what propels us to get our spray bottles into as many households as possible.

For every person and household that makes the switch to earth-friendly homemade solutions our world becomes a safer and healthier place for all.

Promote Healthy Living with your logo

Custom Printed U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles Our entire U-Mix-It Safe Spray® product line, including our popular Green and Clean Kits™, can be customized to uniquely promote your organization’s leadership and concern for social and environmental responsibility. What’s involved in a custom print order of U-MIX-II SAFE SPRAY ® Bottles?