Become a Retailer


Become a Retailer
U-Mix-It Safe Spray® is a great home and garden product line that will enhance and/or help establish your green product offerings. U-Mix-It Safe Spray® recipe bottles will encourage, educate and equip your clientele to practice green living!

American Consumers are going "back-to-the-basics"
Tough economic times, general disdain towards wastefulness and a desire to adopt healthier and greener lifestyles is shaping the overall purchasing habits of consumers. U-Mix-It Safe Spray® addresses these common day concerns in a positive manner - teaching people how to save money, protect their health and prevent pollution by mixing homemade solutions for Cleaning, Gardening and Veggie/Produce Wash. The homemade recipes imprinted on U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles are similar to the ones used by American households before World War II brought about the mass production and marketing of chemical products. The recipes are "age-old" and rely on the natural cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing properties of several common household ingredients.

Homemade and Made in the USA
Not only are U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles helping households go "homemade" with their everyday chores around the home & garden, but each bottle is made, printed and assembled in the USA! We are committed to supporting American jobs and businesses and reducing fuel consumption and pollution caused by importing products from China and abroad.

Clean, Green & Healthy
Manufacturers of cleaning products have finally realized that most consumers prefer products that are safer for the planet AND for their families. Take a look at the cleaning aisle of any big box store and you'll find a wide assortment of green cleaners. U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles were being produced and used in households years before this "green" trend took off. Even though commercial "green" cleaners are more prevalent it does NOT mean that they are generally safer to use around the family. Federal regulations still do not require cleaning manufacturers to list their ingredients. So for the consumers and households that are actively trying to avoid certain chemical exposures, the task is still difficult. U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles are conveniently imprinted with homemade recipes which call for common household ingredients, including distilled vinegar, liquid soap, lemon juice, baking soda and borax, helping individuals and households control allergic reactions and health ailments caused by toxic chemical exposures. With U-Mix-It Safe Spray® households can truly live clean, green & healthy!

Cross Promote
U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles are imprinted with recipes for Cleaning, Gardening and Veggie-Wash. These recipes call for common household ingredients, including distilled vinegar, liquid soap, lemon juice, baking soda and borax. When properly promoted, U-Mix-It Safe Spray® can help boost sales for these additional items.

Our entire line of 'recipe' bottles can be customized to uniquely promote your organization's leadership and concern for social and environmental responsibility. Custom U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles and Green and Clean Kits™ help keep your company's image and message in front of your customer base. The bottles are long-lasting and your customers will see your message continuously as they adopt and employ safer earth-friendly solutions for cleaning, gardening and produce washing.

Corporate / Employee Appreciation Gifts
Perhaps you are not a retailer, but rather a service provider or employer, and need the perfect gift to provide to your clients or staff. We have many clients that use our U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles and Green and Clean Kits™ as a way of saying thanks for their client's business, or staff's hard work and dedication, in a manner that effectively communicates their vision and commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We can offer customized product offerings for orders as small as just one Green and Clean Kit™. Contact us to learn more. Request more information.