30 Sep 2010

Green Cleaning Home Party

Help your friends, family and neighbors learn how safe, fun and easy it is to make and use homemade recipes for cleaning, gardening and produce washing. The Green, Clean & Healthy Home Party campaign is looking to partner with people just like you. People who are as passionate about protecting and promoting personal and environmental health as we are. When you partner with U-Mix-It Safe Spray® and host your own GC&H Home Party, you will become part of a movement that is taking place in communities all across the country. You will help raise awareness about the dangers caused by toxic household cleaners, gardening products, and pesticide contaminated produce, and help provide your guests with useful information and products that will help them adopt safe solutions that can be made at home using affordable and common household ingredients.

As a home party host you will empower your friends, family, and neighbors to make a significant impact in protecting families and pets, keeping harmful pollutants out of our air, soil and watersheds, and conserving valuable resources. The information provided during your Green, Clean & Healthy Home Party, along with the U-Mix-It Safe Spra®y product line, will equip your party guests to make fast, simple, and affordable lifestyle changes that will result in a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

As a GC&H Home Party host, you have the option of hosting a single party, or becoming your own boss and starting your very own "green" business from the comfort and convenience of your own home and work schedule. You can plan and host multiple GC&H Home Parties year long, and even represent the U-Mix-It Safe Spray® product line to your entire community (private businesses, municipalities & non-profits)  through several additional campaigns we make available to home-based businesses. Our goal at U-Mix-It Safe Spray® is to partner with you and help you become successful at educating and equipping people in your community to make positive changes to their daily lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about hosting your own Green, Clean & Healthy Home Party.