Custom Orders


Custom Printed U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles

Our entire U-Mix-It Safe Spray® product line, including our popular Green and Clean Kits™, can be customized to uniquely promote your organization's leadership and concern for social and environmental responsibility. All three recipe bottles, our custom 3 pack holder, as well as our laminated "Green Solutions" menu card, can be imprinted with your organization's logo and message. Minimum volume requirements do apply for each. Aside from our spray bottles, the menu cards are waterproof, durable and packed with tons of useful homemade solutions, so they will be long-used by your customers and your logo will be seen time and again, providing a positive return on your investment.

What's involved in a custom print order of U-MIX-II SAFE SPRAY ® Bottles?

Step 1: Choose which U-Mix-It Safe Spray® recipe bottle you wish to have custom printed (Household Cleaning / Garden Pest Control / Veggie-Produce Wash). A minimum volume of 1,000 units of one particular bottle type is required for custom print orders. An order of 1,000 units may not be split between two or more bottle types. Have questions about this - give us a call or send us an email.

Step 2: Submit Your Artwork. Artwork should be submitted electronically in vector format. Vector format files include .pdf .eps and .ai. Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files are preferred and help us produce the fastest turnaround for you order. Please include the Pantone color number for each color used in your artwork. All artwork is applied with a silkscreen. If using the colors already present on our spray bottles, there are no additional color charges.

Having trouble identifying your file type or Pantone color? . Call our friendly U-Mix-It Safe Spray® staff, so we can help guide you through the process.

Step 3: Payment and Delivery. A 50% deposit will be required when you finalize your order. The remaining 50% will be due upon delivery of your custom U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles. Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery. Need your custom U-Mix-It Safe Spray® bottles sooner? Contact us to discuss our expedited post-production printing and shipping options. Custom orders are drop shipped from our printer's facility to your location. Your order will be delivered with 100 spray bottles per box. The boxes measure approximately 24" x 18" x 20". The boxes are very light weight and can easily be handled by one person. There will be a minimum of ten boxes (minimum volume requirement of 1,000 units or more) wrapped tightly together onto a wooden pallet. Have additional questions? Please call our office for more information.

Custom Laminated "GREEN SOLUTIONS" Menu Cards (included in each Green & Clean 4 Pack)

There are no minimum volume requirements for customizing our "Green Solutions" menu cards. We print and laminate the solution cards in-house and are happy to help you promote your commitment to environmental stewardship in a fast, convenient and affordable manner. Contact U-Mix-It Safe Spray® for more information.

Custom Printed 3-Pack Holders

Custom 3 pack holders are another great way to promote your organization. Contact our office for more information.