13 Oct 2010


U-Mix-It Safe Spray® has become an extremely cost-effective environmental outreach product used in hundreds of municipal, corporate and non-profit environmental programs all across the country. It is thematically appropriate to many of the behavioral change messages being taught and promoted. In addition to the easy-to-mix earth-friendly recipes, each spray bottle is also imprinted with a public message promoting waste reduction, proper and safe HHW disposal, and stormwater NPS watershed protection. See a full line of unique stormwater outreach products at www.stormwateroutreach.com

Outreach coordinators consistently rely on U-Mix-It Safe Spray® to help enhance their environmental programs as it is a proven tool to help engage, educate and equip the public. It has strong consumer appeal and is capable of raising awareness while facilitating behavioral change in the process. Stormwater Pollution Prevention programs all across the country have benefited from the value-added features of U-Mix-It Safe Spray®. For many MS4s and municipalities, the spray bottles have become an annual element in the NPDES required Education & Outreach elements of their stormwater permits. Most of our clients pass the spray bottles out to the public at HHW collection events, water festivals, stream cleanups, home & garden shows, and farmer's markets.

"I just wanted to let you know that your spray bottles have become an extremely effective and popular component of our HHW and Stormwater programs. They have generated more interest and excitement with our community base than any other promotional product we have ever used They have been very effective at getting our message out and encouraging and equipping households to adopt safer methods of housekeeping."

- Cheryl Burton-Fentress, Program Manager, Clean Water Clear Choice
Harris County Watershed Group, Houston-Galveston, Texas


We can customize each bottle to include imprinting of your program's unique logo, web site and contact information. Along with our imprinted recipes, our spray bottles also include Earth911 HHW disposal information. Our spray bottles are manufactured and assembled in the USA, made from #2 HDPE with up to 25% recycled plastic milk container content. Contact us for more information.


Outreach Programs

For more than 10 years U-Mix-It Safe Spray® has been used in a wide variety of environmental outreach campaigns, including:

  • Stormwater P2

  • IPM education

  • HHW collection and disposal

  • Waste Reduction

  • Toxics Reduction

  • Healthy Homes Programs

  • Green Cleaning Programs

  • Green Building

  • Child Safety & Poison Prevention

  • Pet Safety


FREE Educational Kit

Every bulk order client of ours who intends to use U-Mix-It Safe Spray® as part of their education & outreach efforts will qualify to receive a free Green & Clean Home and Garden Kit™.  Our outreach clients love to use these kits during classroom/seminar presentations, exhibit booths, silent auction prize, or any other outreach purpose that can be thought of. We will even offer to customize the laminated "green solutions" card to include your organization's logo and message! Clients who purchase very large orders will be eligible for multiple Green & Clean Home and Garden Kits. We appreciate the good work that educators are performing in an effort to protect and enhance our environmental resources, and this is our way of saying "THANKS"!