Green Fundraising

Why Fundraise with U-Mix-It Safe Spray® ?

It's Eco Friendly, Educational & Healthy
U-Mix-It Safe Spray's Green and Clean Fundraising™ program will assist your group in generating incredible profits, while helping to protect people and our planet by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, improving indoor air quality, preventing pollution to our waterways, reducing landfill waste, conserving energy, and curbing emissions.

As consumers become more cost-conscious and concerned with health and environmental issues, it is imperative for communities to find alternatives for current fundraising practices such as candy bar and cookie dough sales. Green and Clean Fundraising™ is the perfect eco-healthy alternative and complies with the federally-mandated School Wellness Policy. Our fundraising team will provide resources to supplement your fundraiser, including classroom curriculum and community press release templates.

A "Win-Win" opportunity
U-Mix-It Safe Spray's Green and Clean Fundraising™ program will help our planet, help people, and help your group make a lot money, without any risk. That's right, this is a "win-win" fundraising program with NO upfront or minimum purchase requirements. In fact, your group can even sell back extra products your group does not sell. Our Green and Clean Fundraising™ program is easy to get started right away, using either of our convenient and successful methods:

One-Time Event Based
Pre-purchase one or more of our convenient and attractive point-of-purchase display cases. Each case holds and displays 12 spray bottles at a time, with an attractive display placard. This is a great option if you will be manning a tabletop at a farmer's market, school or church function, or any other community event. Simply unpack the display case from our shipping box, place the placard on the back of the box - and presto - you are ready to sell some spray bottles! See picture of display case here.

The Pre-Ordering Method
Order your U-Mix-It Safe Spray products before your fundraiser begins. Pre-ordering lets students and organizations show off the recipe imprinted spray bottles to potential donators. This method will allow your donor to receive their U-Mix-It Safe Spray products immediately. Any U-Mix-It Safe Spray products that you do not sell may be returned for money back.*

The Order Form Method
Order forms can be downloaded and printed directly from our web site, or we can send a packet to your group. Order forms include product specifics, quick facts, and an easy ordering guide. Use this form to take orders for the duration of your fundraiser. Once your orders are complete, call a representative from our office and fax in your order. This method allows you to order exactly what you need without having any returns.

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