About Us

Back in the 1990's U-Mix-It Safe Spray’s ® creator, Andy, originally set out to make his home and garden safe for his infant twin daughters and 150-pound family dog. After researching numerous articles, books, and magazines, he compiled a list of easy-to-mix earth-friendly and child-safe recipes and mixed them at home in a few empty spray bottles.

Amazed by their effectiveness and low cost to produce, he wanted to spread the word to others in hopes of having a greater impact on child safety and pollution prevention. The result was the creation of the U-Mix-It Safe Spray® product line. Now more people have access to these easy-to-mix & earth-friendly recipes without having to spend the time researching as he did.

U-Mix-It Safe Spray® is being used by thousands of American households, from coast to coast, and has become a very popular and effective environmental outreach tool used by private, government and non-profit organizations all across the country.