• "...the bottles arrived in good order. They were a big hit at the event. Thank you!"
    (Stacy Soderholm, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)


  • "Man, you have given me excellent service!!! Thanks a million. We will order from you again!!!"
    (Cindy Smilley, Keep Omaha Beautiful)


  • “Just to let you know I love the bottles. They are a manageable size and spray great. Thank you.” (A. Drew, Clean Conscience)


  • "The spray bottles were a tremendous hit at our HHW events... Is there time to place an order for more bottles? Thanks so much for your help."
    (Jennifer Lawyer, CTCOG)


  • “I just wanted to let you know that your spray bottles have become an extremely effective and popular component of our HHW and Stormwater programs. They have generated more interest and excitement with our community base than any other promotional product we have ever used They have been very effective at getting our message out and encouraging and equipping households to adopt safer methods of housekeeping.” (C. Burton-Fentress, Clean Water Clear Choice, Harris County Watershed Group, Houston-Galveston, Texas)


  • "Just wanted to let you know how popular the spray bottles are! We distributed the bottles to most of our HHW collection sites and they offered the bottles to participants. Many of the sites are out of bottles and the public just loves them. Do you have any plans to sell the bottles in any of the stores here like Home Depot or Lowe's? We are still getting calls asking for the bottles and I think they would be a big seller."
    (Jacinta Hammersley, Houston-Galveston Area Council)


  • "We promoted our most recent HHW collection event using your spray bottles. They were a big hit. We actually had people calling the radio station back to find out how to get the spray bottles. We’ll be working on implementing a statewide purchase this spring!”
    (Jennifer Ryan, East Central Iowa Council of Governments)


  • “It’s nice to see a product come along in our industry that is thematically appropriate and functional at the same time. These spray bottles make it easy for residents to practice what we preach about using less toxic alternatives for common chores.”
    (Joe Ball, Vice President, Curbside Inc.)


  • "I presented your spray bottle and proposal at our staff meeting yesterday afternoon - and it was a huge hit. I will be speaking with you soon about an order for us."
    (J. Jurgensmeier, City of Alhambra, CA)


  • "I received all the bottles in time for our promotions and they were very popular at the two fairs where we passed them out. Keep up the great work and I'm sure we will be ordering more in the future."
    (D. Fultz, Adams County Waste Reduction, WA)


  • "We ordered some spray bottles last year, and would like to reorder (they were a big hit!).
    (M. Miller, City of Waco Water Utilities)


  • “Thanks for the follow-up, everything was great and thanks so much for your efforts."
    (D. Vasquez, City of Kerrville, TX)


  • "It takes tools like U-Mix-It Safe Spray® to facilitate behavioral changes. People are challenged and feel alone when they have to start from scratch. Thanks."
    (D. Kent, Nevada County, CA)


  • "Your generosity contributes to SFGSA's goal of "greening" the schoolyards of San Francisco's public schools."
    (San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, CA)