Green & Clean 4 Pack™

Green & Clean 4 Pack™

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Each Green & Clean 4 Pack Kit™ includes

(2) U-Mix-It Safe Spray® Household Cleaning recipe spray bottles

(1) Veggie-Wash recipe spray bottle

(1) Garden Pest Control recipe spray bottle

laminated 'Green & Clean Solutions™' menu card


The menu card is packed with dozens of earth-friendly solutions for everyday cleaning, stain removal and general home maintenance.

This entire kit provides green solutions that are inexpensive and easy to mix, quick to reference, and good for our planet. You will love the convenience of each recipe spray bottle, appreciate the money-saving value, and feel good about the changes you are making for your personal health and for our planet.

Our spray bottles are proudly made and assembled in the USA, using BPA-free plastic, HDPE #2, with up to 25% recycled plastic milk containers.

Thanks for making a difference!