A handful of common pantry shelf items are ALL you need to

start cleaning, gardening and cleaning produce.

Items like vinegar, baking soda, borax, lemon juice and liquid soap are the most basic of all cleaning ingredients. They are inexpensive, safer to use around children and pets, and do not harm our water resources. The cleaning power of these ingredients was common knowledge for our grandparents' generation. They mixed their own solutions and kept their homes very tidy – not because this was "earth friendly", but because the solutions worked! Then, along came World War II and a burst in science and innovation. Many manufacturers decided to capitalize on some of these discoveries and began to reeducate the "modern" woman about the ways she should be cleaning the house. Our grandmothers were effectively brainwashed into believing that proprietary blends of toxic chemicals were the only solutions to get rid of their dirt. In many cases, and rather ironically, the actual health of their homes and of our earth was harmed in the process.

So, now that we've confessed that our recipes are no great secret, why on earth would you want to buy our spray bottles? Here are just a few reasons we hear from people all the time:

  • They're convenient! Our recipe spray bottles eliminate the guess work and make it easy for people to kick start green habits into their lifestyle. We considered many recipes and selected the ones that were the safest and most effective.
  • The bottles are affordable and so are the ingredients the recipes require. You'll save a lot of money!
  • Ours bottles are MADE IN THE USA, using BPA-free HDPE #2 plastic, made with up to 25% recycled milk containers!
  • They help you keep track of what use each spray bottle is intended for.
  • They are the perfect "green" gift. You can encourage your friends and family to adopt a greener, healthier lifestyle. They are an exceptional gift for new parents.
  • The bottles are long lasting and attractive. As our 3 year old says, "they're pretty!". Keeping them around on the counter or under the sink will help you establish the habit of healthy cleaning.